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Decision Plus Systems inc was incorporated in 1994. We are independent integrator of “Design-to-Fit” solutions covering Broadcast / Educational Studio, Post Production, Storage solution like NAS and SAN, Museum / Exhibition Solutions. We are also focusing on High end Workstation, render farm, HPC and AI solution. Our business is based on our fundamental conviction that independent solutions are more viable for our clients, offering greater flexibility, better value and superior “fit”.


We are the best local System Integrator for Broadcast / Educational Studio Equipment & Video/Audio Editing solutions in Gujarat. We have implemented Storage solutions ( SAN or NAS ) at most of regional News channel and Government organization involved in Video production. We are committed to the Industry to bring the latest technology to the door step of customer. We believe that protection of customer’s investment by providing easy & immediate after sales support is real backbone in getting business in the industry. This is the service which gives complete customer satisfaction leading to repeat orders.

Some of the Mile stones of “Decision Plus Systems inc.” are…

  • State of the Art Internet TV Studio Setup at BAOU for distance learning.
  • 224 TB SAN with MAM ( Media Asset Management ) and 133 Slot Tape Library at BISAG.
  • 96 TB SAN with Post Production facility and MAM ( Media Asset Management ) consist of HSM ( Tape Library ) in Information Department.
  • Implementation of SAN ( Storage Area Network ) at ISRO, VTV News, Sandesh News, Moving Pixels. Installation of Media Asset Management in ISRO.
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum : Holographic Projection of 3D Animation of 13 Presidents of India, Virtual Reality projects like “Walk with Gandhi Ji” and “Talk with President”. Panoramic projection on 24 meter wide and 270 degree curve screen using 8 projectors.
  • JIPMER Educational Studio Setup.
  • Turnkey Broadcast and Educational Studio with all Studio Equipment, Acoustic, Lighting and Furniture for News channels and Educational Studios.
  • We were first to bring Thumb drive ( Pen drive ) technology in India.
  • We were first to bring Video to VCD/DVD conversion, TV Tuner solution in Gujarat.
  • We were first in Gujarat in providing standalone CD and DVD duplicator. We are also first to sale CD/DVD duplicator with Robotic Mechanism and CD/DVD auto Printers in Gujarat.

Partial List of reputed Customer.


  • BISAG-Gandhinagar : SAN & MAM, NLE, Studio Equipment like Vision mixer, Audio mixer, Logo Generator, Broadcast Monitors, Multiviewer, SCAN Converter.
  • Space Application Center – ISRO : Storage Area Network ( SAN ) , Media Asset Management ( MAM ), Post Production facility ( NLEs ), EDUSAT Studio with Equipment, Vizrt on Air Graphics solution, 30+ Xeon High end Workstations.
  • Information Department Films & Production Branch: 96 TB SAN with MAM & NLE.
  • The Commissioner of Information Electronics Media Branch : News channel monitoring and recording ( 24 Channels with Storage ), NLE, Storage Server, Duplicator with Autoloader, DVD Printer with Autoloader, DVD Recorders.


  • BAOU ( BECIL ) : Internet TV Studio setup with Studio Equipment, NAS Storage, Archival and Live streaming through CDN for Distance Learning.
  • JIPMER Pondicherry : Complete TV Studio setup.
  • PDPU : Studio Equipment for School of Liberal Studies.
  • IIS University Jaipur. - KTUJM Raipur : Sony Studio camera chain.
  • IIST ( Thiruvananthapuram ) : Complete EDUSAT Studio with all equipment.
  • Gujarat Institute of Education Technology ( GIET ): NLE with Storage, Duplicator with Autoloader, Studio Equipment, DVD printer with Autoloader.
  • Gujarat University ( Journalism Department ), Gujarat Vidyapith: Studio Equipment.
  • Junagadh Agriculture University: Video Mixer, NLE, CG, Wireless Talkback.
  • AURO University Surat.
  • NITTTR Bhopal, National Institute of Design.
  • Gujarat College, Drama Department: Sound-proof Audio Studio, PA System, NLE, Projector, Professional Camera, Stage Lighting, Audio mixer/Switcher.


  • Sandesh News : Complete Broadcast solution including Camera, Ross Vision mixer & converters, Playout, CG, SAN, Ross On Air Graphics, Post production.
  • VTV News : Entire Post Production facility with SAN and Tape Backup Solution.
  • GTPL / Nirman News : Ross Mixer, Online CG, NLEs, Workstation, Storage, Converters.
  • Jano Duniya: Ross Mixer & Converter, Storage, Encoder/Decoder.
  • Doordarshan Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Hydrabad : NLE, NAS, CG and Studio Equipment.
  • Bizz News Channel, Ezi Channel ( MATROX NLE solution ).
  • GSTV / Lakshya TV / Chandani News / Channel Master ( Vapi ) / DNS News.

  • The Moving Pixel co ltd: Over 1 PB SAN storage with Tape Library and Archival.
  • Eyecon Designs: 35+ Dual Xeon Workstations for Animation and Digital content creation.
  • Tripoly Studio: 35+ Dual Xeon workstation for Animation and Digital content Creation and Two render farm.
  • VIDEO SEWA, Rachit Films ( S. N. Communication ), Darpan Communication.
  • Swaminarayan Mandir, Dada Bhagvan, Guru Gadi.


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